The 3rd World


The 3rd World is a collaboration art project between myself and painter Atom St George. The final pieces are the combination of whimsical characters that come from the imagination of James, set into a surreal, other-world landscape created by Atom.  In the beginning, we typically did not work "together" on a piece, but rather each piece was begun privately by one and then passed off without explanation to be completed by the other. That created it's own challenge for each of us to then figure out what to do with what the other had begun.  But as the project has moved along though, more and more interchange of dialog between the artists created background premises on which each painting was based, so that those finished products then demonstrated the result of an artistic CONVERSATION between the two of us, and not the just the pairing of two individual efforts. The project has been an interesting study in collaborative art, and in the EVOLUTION of that collaboration progressing through the life of the project.

There is James' world; there is Atom's world; and then there is The 3rd World.

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The Violet Night Queen



Blue GoldiLockers






Red Madpoles



Red-Headed LeggerBalls Loitering



Footless and Footmore