James Lee Stewart

I live and work in the Los Angeles, California area.  I am primarily a painter, though I also create any other art that I am moved to do so.   I paint what comes to me, what my Muse (Elcyee) tells me to paint, or what life's images and feelings compel me to create.  I have not so far found a narrow "product" that I manufacture, a Thomas Kincaid type repetition of the same scene or thing, with the parts uncleverly juggled around.  Perhaps someday I will.  But for now there is too much imagery in The Universe to cover, and I already don't have enough time to do it.  Since you have visited me here, I assume we see something of the same visible language that we both understand and appreciate.  All of you and I who search for The Difference, and yearn for The Mystery, make up this little piece of the cultural/artistic underground I call "The Scarlet Resistance".  We will not be defeated.

Use The Transmitter to send me a message whenever you like.  I am open to consider any kind of commission.  I also do murals, indoor and out.  Or just say hello. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram!